Pillar Research Institute

Pillar Research Institute is a data collection and research entity focused on assessment, qEEG brain mapping, treatment, and outcome analysis. It deepens The Jacob’s Ladder Group’s knowledge bank and contributes to the ever-evolving literature on the latest educational and developmental neuroscience research. We want all providers, health practitioners, and families to have access to the resources housed in Pillar.

Pillar Research helps improve the lives of vulnerable children and adults with disabilities by:

Conducting original research by leveraging Jacob's Ladder's extensive 30-year body of research

Critically analyzing and synthesizing current research findings

Evaluating the efficacy and real-world applications of Jacob's Ladder's educational and scientific approaches, as well as its training programs

Disseminating research insights and findings through scholarly publications and presentations at conferences and symposiums


Your Donation Makes a Difference

Pillar Research Institute is a crucial resource that houses comprehensive studies for trainers, evaluators, and providers to establish clinical work validity at The Jacob’s Ladder Group. Pillar Research seeks to add to the existing evidence by conducting and evaluating case studies, evaluation research, and clinical work with families engaged in the IWBMC™ model.

Our research team has accumulated an extensive database of over three decades of groundbreaking work with children, adolescents, and emergent adults. Pillar fosters collaboration, promotes innovation, and advances understanding to shape the future of educational and developmental neuroscience for improved outcomes.

By fostering collaboration, promoting innovation, and advancing our collective understanding, Pillar plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of educational and developmental neuroscience, ultimately paving the way for more effective interventions and improved outcomes for those we serve.

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