Mission, Vision, & Core Values

Transforming lives through hope and healing to help others reach their true potential.

To bring hope, healing, and transformation to individuals with neurobiological challenges.

Because every brain is capable of new growth and change (no matter the condition or diagnosis), and the mind, body, and soul will move toward healing if given what is needed, we pursue this change without exception for everyone in need. Through daily, intense, and loving interaction, our one-of-a-kind care program is created for each individual based on their unique challenges and needs.

The Jacob’s Ladder Group consists of five divisions with a singular focus: to change the global conversation from impossible to possible for those affected by neurobiological challenges.


We believe in every person's potential and envision a world where individuals and families impacted by brain-based challenges achieve different outcomes.

We are realizing this vision through…

Our one-of-a-kind Interpersonal Whole-Brain Model of Care® (IWBMC™) that can be accessed by anyone who needs it through our patent-pending integrated care solution, AHAVA.

A community of advocacy to change the global conversation around special needs, demonstrating that every brain is capable of new growth and change, pursued, without exception, for those in need.


Our core values direct our approach to growth and learning.

On behalf of your loved one, we are committed to acting with integrity, persevering in all circumstances, and honoring their possibilities and potential alongside you.

“Hope is a sustaining, motivating, and healing force in the lives of those touched by special needs, and the people of Jacob’s Ladder provide it in abundance.”
– A Hope School Parent


We TRUST that transformation is possible.


We CHOOSE to live with integrity.


We PERSEVERE with love and honor for others.

A Different Outcome is Possible for Individuals with Neurobiological Challenges

The Jacob’s Ladder Group is unique among educational and therapeutic centers serving individuals with neurobiological challenges. From the Interpersonal Whole-Brain Model of Care® (IWBMC™), built upon the scientific principles of neuroplasticity, to individualized, intensive programs delivered by highly trained staff in safe, loving environments, we harness the extraordinary ability of the brain to heal and develop new capacities. The word “impossible” does not exist at Jacob’s Ladder.

The Jacob's Ladder Group is Committed to:

Making the impossible possible for individuals with neurobiological challenges.

Our first-of-its-kind educational and therapeutic model harnesses scientific principles and delivers them in intensive, loving environments - a truly extraordinary and winning combination. We witness remarkable breakthroughs and change daily.

Changing the conversation from hopelessness to potentiality.

Because the brain is malleable and capable of change, the IWBMC™ transforms lives regardless of age, diagnosis, or level of functioning. We seek to address the root causes of neurobiological challenges, guiding our clients toward healing and redirecting the conversation that places limitations on those with “special needs.”

Equipping families and professionals with our holistic approach for better outcomes.

The neurodiverse population experiences delayed screening and intervention at critical developmental stages. Additionally, a limited number of professionals are trained to therapeutically assess and intervene with this population. We offer in-person and remote training opportunities and resources in the Interpersonal Whole-Brain Model of Care® (IWBMC™), including training in our integrated care software - AHAVA.

Making our integrated, person-centered model accessible globally through technology, training, and research.

Nearly three decades of exploration, innovation, and application have resulted in the digitization of the IWBMC™ into a platform called AHAVA and the development of Pillar Research Institute. Through AHAVA, trained providers, evaluators, and professionals have a comprehensive solution for evaluation, program design, and therapeutic strategies, including a training platform. The Pillar Research Institute is a data collection and research entity focusing on assessment, qEEG brain mapping, model efficacy, and outcome analysis.

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