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Because the brain can change, our Interpersonal Whole-Brain Model of Care® (IWBMC™) transforms lives regardless of age, diagnosis, or level of functioning. While building the right neural pathways, clients develop a foundation that leads to greater learning, physiological health, and increased emotional, behavioral, and relational balance by focusing on the whole person.

We are not seeking to help clients with neurobiological challenges merely cope and exist; we are seeking to change their outcomes through true healing.

Jacob’s Ladder draws from more than 4,000 therapeutic strategies to unlock the potential of children and adults experiencing challenges correlated to:

Serving Various Neurobiological Challenges

How We Can Help

Jacob’s Ladder offers numerous care avenues for families and caregivers needing support, regardless of location. We invite families to contact us to determine the best support options, which may include:

  • The IWBMC™ Evaluation: Through our comprehensive evaluation process, families gain a deep understanding of the IWBMC™, learn more about how their child is neurologically wired, advocate for their child’s unique needs, and learn how to get trained to facilitate the model at home. Learn more about the IWBMC™ Evaluation.
  • On-Campus Enrollment: We offer full-time and part-time enrollment for client’s therapeutic programming. Jacob’s Ladder is a SAIS-Cognia accredited school, pre-k through twelfth grade. We also offer additional therapeutic services for clients not enrolled in programming, including Neurofeedback, Integrated Listening Systems, and Mental Health. Learn more about our Enrollment options and Additional Therapeutic Services.
  • In-Home & Remote Services: Jacob’s Ladder offers In-Home and Remote Services to those locally and internationally. In-Home support includes observations, plans, and resources for families needing guidance in the home environment. We also facilitate remote caseload management, with oversight from our skilled care team, to ensure continuous success and support. Learn more about our In-Home and Remote Services.
  • Training: The Ascend Training Institute provides training for parents, caregivers, and professionals interested in learning and implementing the IWBMC™ methodology. Numerous training opportunities are available, from individualized client-specific training to classroom support strategies. Learn more about our Professional and Caregiver Training opportunities. 
  • Certification: Provider and Evaluator-level certifications in the IWBMC are available through the National Council for Board Certification (NCBC). Learn more about Certification in the IWBMC™.

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