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Change the conversation.

The IWBMC™ is a revolutionary approach based on the scientific principle of neuroplasticity. It allows those you love to reach their full potential – changing the conversation from the impossible to the possible.

Ascend Caregiver Training

The Ascend Training Institute trains parents, relatives, and caregivers in the Interpersonal Whole-Brain Model of Care® (IWBMC™). A united approach to care is paramount to individuals experiencing challenges.

One element of the IWBMC™ is Social Structure, which encompasses dynamics and individuals within the client’s home, school, or community that form consistent and meaningful interactions in their life. We know that care delivery must occur in a safe, supportive environment to be truly effective, and a consistent approach is critical for progress.

Training provides a comprehensive understanding of the IWBMC™. Participants also learn about neuroplasticity, behavior regulation strategies, physiological considerations, and targeted therapeutic activities.

Those participating in IWBMC™ Training are part of a cutting-edge movement to change how we educate and support individuals with neurobiological challenges.

There is a Solution for You and Your Family.

There is a path forward, and we can help. If you are a…

Family seeking to implement the principles of the IWBMC™ within the home, helping your loved ones reach their full potential

Parent seeking information to understand your child’s unique needs more deeply

Parent looking for information and strategies to address your child’s learning differences, behavioral challenges, or mobility needs

Extended family member or caregiver wanting to educate yourself on how to best interact with a loved one who experiences brain-based challenges

Family member or caregiver seeking training before completing the Provider or Evaluator Certification Exam


Training for Caregivers and Professionals

The Ascend Training Institute provides training in all areas of the IWBMC™ for family members with differing backgrounds and levels of experience. Our primary training offerings for caregivers include the IWBMC™ Foundations Course and our Online Resource Series; however, those seeking a more in-depth understanding of the model may also be interested in the IWBMC™ Provider or Evaluations courses. Learn more about our Professional Training Opportunities.

Gain access to online resources that provide information for specific diagnoses or areas of challenge, including:

  • The Interpersonal Whole-Brain Model of Care® (IWBMC™)
  • Common challenges related to each diagnostic category served and what happens in the brain when these challenges occur
  • Strategies to create lasting change in the brain
  • The Trauma Support Model
  • Physiological Roots of Behavior
  • Sensorimotor Intensive Programming
  • Increasing Communication with the Whole-Brain Language Program
  • Importance of a Union of Science and Love
  • Foundational Principles for Engaging with the Neurodiverse Population

Content Duration: 15 to 30+ minutes each

Cost: Varies per each online resource

Training Location: Online

Get access to a self-paced, online assessment-based certificate training course that teaches the core components and strategies of the IWBMC™. This course enables participants to educate and engage with individuals with brain-based challenges more effectively.

Learn about:

  • Populations the IWBMC™ serves and how the IWBMC™ supports those populations
  • Each element of the IWBMC™
  • Brain-based principles
  • Approximately 40 neurodevelopmental interventions
  • Basic behavioral proactive and reactive strategies
  • Basic Trauma Support Model Overview
  • The Hope, Truth, & Love Leadership model for personal and professional development

Course Length: Approximately 25 hours

Course Cost: $2,460

Training Location: Online with in-person training and support available

Get access to a comprehensive training course with written and video content that provides in-depth information about the IWBMC™ and how to implement neurodevelopmental program interventions effectively for individuals with various needs. This course is a self-paced, assessment-based certificate course.

All components of the Foundations course are included, plus information to:

  • Identify brain-based challenges correlating to classroom challenges
  • Identify and implement key strategies to support children in their current learning environment
  • Apply key IWBMC™ Academic Principles to improve client outcomes
  • In-depth Trauma Support Model Training
  • Implement approximately 250 neurodevelopmental interventions
  • Understand and implement data tracking to improve client outcomes using AHAVA

Course Length: Approximately 40-50 hours

Course Cost: $10,500

Training Location: Online with in-person training and support available

*The IWBMC™ Provider course is a pre-requisite for the IWBMC™ Evaluations Course.

Upon completion of the IWBMC™ Provider course, participants can access our assessment-based certificate course, IWBMC™ Evaluations. This course includes written and video content that provides in-depth information about completing all of the components of an IWBMC™ Evaluation.

Learn to:

  • Assess over 200 hands-on evaluation metrics and correlate results to functional challenges
  • Design an individualized treatment plan for clients based on their evaluation results
  • Employ high-level clinical and professional writing techniques
  • Understand qEEG results
  • Incorporate external evaluations into the IWBMC™ Evaluation
  • Use AHAVA for all of the evaluation components

Course Length: Approximately 20 hours

Course Cost: $13,560

Training Location: Online with in-person training and support available

To see if you or your family qualify for reduced-cost programs, learn more about our Love Without Borders program.

*The IWBMC™ Foundations, Provider, and Evaluations courses are available for online, remote, and in-person training at Jacob’s Ladder. 

Please note that the training time varies based on each participant’s background and the selected training format.


The Ascend Training Institute also offers Continuing Education Unit (CEU) Courses for those seeking to increase their understanding of brain-based challenges and the IWBMC™ in specific focus areas. Courses include content such as:

The Ascend Training Institute is excited to connect with individuals internationally to share the IWBMC™, support families and caregivers, and change the conversation for individuals with brain-based challenges.

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