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Eliminating Barriers to Care: Global Service Model

Our services are available on nearly every continent to address the global need for specialized and accessible person-centered care through in-home, school, or community support. The Community of Care (CoC) program offers remote services, coaching, training, and oversight of Jacob’s Ladder’s therapeutic programming worldwide.

Our In-Home services are offered locally and provide all-encompassing support to families and caregivers seeking assistance within the home environment. We send trained providers to your home to complete observations and formulate in-home plans and strategies to address any challenges your family may be facing.

Serving Clients with Various Neurobiological Challenges

Our In-Home and Community of Care programs serve clients with any type of neurobiological challenge, including:

We deliver the Interpersonal Whole-Brain Model of Care® (IWBMC™) to individuals and families worldwide through our ever-expanding remote services. The Community of Care program facilitates the IWBMC™ remotely, providing specific strategies and consistent oversight to ensure progress and measurable gains. We place a trained provider in the community of a family to implement the intensive program designed specifically for the individuals’ neurodevelopmental needs, or a highly qualified Jacob’s Ladder provider can work with families in their home location with continued supervision and support from our team.

We ensure families around the globe receive the same comprehensive evaluation, individualized program design, intensive therapeutic strategies, and in-depth clinical oversight as our on-campus clients. Families can travel to our Roswell, Georgia, campus for a one-week evaluation process and stay for intensive initial therapy and training, living in a fully furnished on-campus executive suite. If a family cannot travel to our campus, we will complete the evaluation and all subsequent components remotely through telecommunication.

Our In-Home Services can be led by Jacob’s Ladder providers or through in-depth training and oversight of providers located where services are needed. Jacob’s Ladder offers parent coaching to reinforce helpful practices in the home environment, partnering with your family to ensure success beyond what traditional educational or therapeutic entities offer. Because we want each client to be successful in every setting, through our Wraparound services, we support bridging all facets of your child’s life, from home to school and beyond, including health care providers, social groups, and afterschool activities.

Families can also access in-home strategies and resources to understand their children better and implement our suggestions within the home. Our care team and providers create a web of support to give clients, their parents, and siblings the tools to succeed in all settings.

Once a provider or team of providers has been selected, they will undergo intensive training on the client’s program and the Interpersonal Whole-Brain Model of Care® (IWBMC™). Throughout this process, they will gain an in-depth understanding of the methodology, appropriate implementation of program activities for the client, and professional development training for personal growth and inter-relational communication. Our team provides continued oversight for optimal implementation, reporting, and updating therapeutic programs to reflect clients’ progress. The AHAVA platform houses techniques, strategies, and training resources that are accessible at any time. We also provide options for:

  • Immersive, on-site or remote, online-accessible training
  • On-site training provides direct care and observations of clients under the supervision of our trained and IWBMC™-certified trainers

For more information on training in the IWBMC™, please click here.

Our caseload management support allows the Jacob’s Ladder team to supervise the implementation of the IWBMC™ anywhere in the world as a supplement or in place of the client’s full- or part-time school. Families receive continuous support, including ongoing training, programmatic updates, and annual re-evaluations. Our team also facilitates guidance for the provider and supervision/quality assurance to make ongoing program adjustments and keep the client’s individualized program at challenge point. The Jacob’s Ladder team monitors the client’s progress through in-depth reporting, phone and email support, and video conferencing with the family and provider, maintaining oversight of all caseload management.

Clients are served remotely through our AHAVA digital platform, which allows for direct entry on a computer or tablet for in-depth data collection, real-time updates with the Jacob’s Ladder team, access to update program activities regularly, and consistent progress reporting. The AHAVA platform includes training videos and written descriptions for each unique program activity, ensuring the highest integrity and methodology implementation. Through AHAVA, trained providers and evaluators have a comprehensive platform to evaluate clients, design individualized programs, and implement therapeutic strategies. AHAVA houses 1,321 assessment metrics and over 4,000 corresponding activities to create a path and plan for individuals with unique needs.

For more information on AHAVA, click here.

  • Neurodevelopmental assessments and annual re-evaluations focused on tactility, auditory, visual, manual, language, mobility, and emotional-behavioral-relational goals
  • Individual program design targeting the neurobiological framework for each client
  • Utilization of remote and in-house qEEG brain map analysis for corroboration with guided therapeutic plans and progress comparisons
  • Address each client’s distinctive learning style through specific academic assessments and a whole-brain approach to education
  • Positive interpersonal behavioral model of care to address behavioral challenges
  • The IWBMC’s Trauma Support Model acknowledges histories of trauma, trauma’s maladaptive impacts on the brain, and a therapeutic way to transform the adverse effects of traumatic experiences
  • Use of a collaborative approach with consistent wraparound support between school and home, ensuring consistency of care
  • Address physiological barriers that impact overall brain health and central nervous system organization
  • Jacob’s Ladder is a SAIS-Cognia accredited school for full-time clients pre-k through 12th grade
  • Jacob’s Ladder offers short- or long-term support to increase success for clients transitioning to other school settings, vocational placements, or post-secondary educational endeavors
  • We successfully help prepare clients for both traditional and adapted college and university enrollment, offering guidance and support for both the family and client throughout the process

Stories of Hope

“We knew our daughter needed more. That’s why we came to Jacob’s Ladder.”

Ellie’s parents, Julieta and Brent, live in Argentina and decided to visit Jacob’s Ladder after hearing about it from a friend. They were admittedly hesitant initially, concerned about whether this was the right place for their daughter. Now, Ellie is talking, walking, and even jumping! After seeing significant progress in Ellie, they know they made the right decision. They have joined the Community of Care (CoC) program and look forward to their daughter and family’s growth journey.


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