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Amy O'Dell & the IWMBC™

Amy O’Dell is a once-in-a-generation leader and innovator on a quest to change how the world addresses neurobiological delays and disorders. Amy, the Founder and CEO of The Jacob’s Ladder Group, is a pioneer in the future trajectory of educational and therapeutic paths for the neurodiverse community.

Amy’s ability to see the unseen, combined with her irrepressible spirit and hope for the broken, has been recognized nationally and internationally. Her refusal to accept conventional medical wisdom regarding the limitations of her beloved son’s future drove her to build upon her therapy and counseling background to extensively study neurobiological and relational interventions, in turn founding The Jacob’s Ladder Group. Read more about the story here.

Amy is a fierce proponent of the methodology she founded, the Interpersonal Whole-Brain Model of Care® (IWBMC™), which harnesses the extraordinary ability of the brain to heal and develop new capacities at any age. This healing and development can occur despite challenges from a multitude of causes, such as autism, brain injury, intellectual or developmental delays, genetic syndromes, or neuropsychiatric conditions.

We exist to bring hope, healing and transformation to individuals with neurobiological challenges.

We are doing this through:


Our Unique Model of Care


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Integrated Care Software


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Pillar Research Institute

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Statistics, Success Metrics, & Testimonials

1 in 8 people globally have mental health disorders (12.5%)


317% increase in autism prevalence since 2000


$7 Trillion is the estimated economic cost of autism by 2029


Over 20% of youth 13-18 experience debilitating mental illness


The Jacob’s Ladder Group is witnessing and delivering groundbreaking results for individuals with neurobiological challenges every day.

Individuals Served
1000 +
Trained Providers
QEEG Brain Map Analyses
Assessment Metrics
Points of Transformation
1 M

What Other Leaders Are Saying About Amy O’Dell and the IWBMC™...


Aubry York, IWBMC-CE

Co-Founder, Chief Content Officer

“I was drawn to work at Jacob’s Ladder because of our mission, life-changing services, and support. As Jacob’s sister and Amy’s daughter, I have found my place as a sibling in our family dynamic and know how challenging that can be for an individual (the sibling) because, understandably, so much attention and support must be channeled to the child or person in need. From my personal experience, I hope to encourage and inspire healing for not only the client or student who comes to Jacob’s Ladder but also the sibling(s) and their entire family.”

Jacob Wuttke, IWBMC-CE

Co-Founder, Neurodevelopmental Provider

“My favorite thing about Jacob’s Ladder is seeing transformation in our clients and our teachers, many of whom come looking for purpose in their work. We get to witness this change and growth.”


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