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Open a Community School or Incorporate the Model into your Existing Program

Membership to The Jacob’s Ladder Network is available for those interested in replicating our Model of Care at home, in an existing educational or therapeutic program, or as a new community school or part-time center.

3 Key Action Steps to Becoming a Network Member:

Complete training through Ascend Training Institute.

Get certified as a Provider or Evaluator in the IWBMC™.

Learn how to use AHAVA, our integrated care software platform.

Network Tiers

Community School and Part-Time Center Model

Existing Institutions

Individual Families

The Community School and Part-Time Center Model provides access to the Jacob’s Ladder Business Model for private entities wanting to create physical campuses to serve clients in various locations. The Community School Model offers solutions for:

  • Best Practices: Access our best practices for model implementation, including staff management, client care, infrastructure, and operations.
  • Digital Platform and Activity Database: License the AHAVA digital platform for evaluation, program design, intervention database, caseload management, and data tracking.
  • Clinical and Operational Needs: Obtain support for clinical and operational functions from a Jacob’s Ladder clinician remotely or in person.
  • Training and Certification: Access to our training and certification platform for providers and evaluators.

Our 5-Step Process for Building a Community School or Therapy Center:

  1. Community School or Part-Time Center Set Up for 10 Clients: Purchase the Jacob’s Ladder Business Model, the Whole-Brain Learning Management System (WBLMS), which provides all the information needed to start a school mirroring the Jacob’s Ladder framework, establish your Community School, and access AHAVA with support from the Jacob’s Ladder team.
  2. Initial Comprehensive Evaluation, qEEG, Nutritional Consult, Program Design, and Parent Overview: Schedule Initial Evaluations for the first 10 Clients. This can be completed at the Flagship Campus in Roswell, GA, or a Jacob’s Ladder Clinician can travel to your location.
  3. Provider and Evaluator Training & Certification in the IWBMC™: Schedule trainings for 5 Providers and 1 Evaluator at Ascend Training Institute in Roswell, GA, and schedule your exams. Certification is provided through the National Council for Board Certification (NCBC).
  4. Program Implementation and Clinical Coaching: Receive client-specific training on your client’s individualized programs and subscribe to AHAVA to begin program implementation. For the first year, receive a minimum of 10 hours of AHAVA Technical Support and 12 hours of Clinical Coaching. Ongoing coaching and consulting are also available.
  5. Ongoing Maintenance and Support: Maintain your IWBMC™ Certification by completing your client’s Annual Re-Evaluation process alongside the Jacob’s Ladder Team, participating in Continued Education Courses, and receiving annual WBLMS updates.

Our community outreach model enables existing programs, such as schools, church programs, or clinic settings, to offer the Interpersonal Whole-Brain Model of Care® (IWBMC™) in their programs by training staff in the global therapeutic model and evaluating individual or whole classrooms of students. Jacob’s Ladder will use the AHAVA digital platform to provide strategies and customized plans for specific, unmet needs. Through telehealth technology, Jacob’s Ladder, in partnership with the designated organization, can also evaluate and monitor educational programs from our flagship location in Roswell, GA. This opportunity allows the student to remain in their current environment while Jacob’s Ladder offers support, individualized programs, and student-specific strategies.

Community of Care (CoC) caseload management support allows the Jacob’s Ladder team to supervise the implementation of the IWBMC™ anywhere in the world, serving as the individual’s full- or part-time school. Jacob’s Ladder assists with identifying and training a designated provider and provides continued oversight for optimal implementation, reporting, and updating therapeutic programs to align with the client’s progress. Providers can obtain certification in the IWBMC™ and access the AHAVA software to complete the individual’s daily programming.

Families receive continuous support, including ongoing training, programmatic updates, and annual re-evaluations. To support multiple individuals in a single location, Jacob’s Ladder provides insight into implementing the IWBMC™ with small groups of clients through our Community School Model. Learn more about remote services through Community of Care.

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