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Cost: $2,460

This course teaches the core components and strategies of the IWBMC™, equipping participants to educate and engage with individuals with brain-based challenges more effectively.


Cost: $3,000

This course moves beyond the Foundations course and incorporates classroom-related strategies and educational approaches, enhancing success for individuals in traditional and non-traditional classrooms.


Cost: $10,500

This course teaches participants to understand all IWBMC™ elements and implement neurodevelopmental program interventions effectively for clients with various needs, including data tracking with AHAVA.


Cost: $13,560

This course builds upon the information learned in the IWBMC™ Provider course and trains participants to complete IWBMC™ Evaluations, including the evaluation process, executing evaluation metrics, scoring, generating a report, and composing an individualized client program within AHAVA. Participants gain an understanding of qEEGs and correlations between client challenges and qEEG patterns.

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