World Impact Project: Love Without Borders

At The Jacob’s Ladder Group, we address the growing global incidence of neurodiversity through our Love Without Borders program. We’re committed to providing effective care and resources to underserved families in underserved areas and developing countries free of charge.

Through Love Without Borders, we train IWBMC™ providers and evaluators in these communities to equip them to create and implement individualized therapeutic programs. Our digital software platform, AHAVA, plays a crucial role in this initiative, providing families with an integrated care solution. With AHAVA, families can connect remotely with our skilled IWBMC™ Evaluators, guiding them on the journey to healing. Together, we’re making a difference, one family and community at a time.

45% of the world's population is affected by a neurobiological diagnosis in their lifetime. Without treatment and care, this number will only continue to grow.

"Human suffering is a reality. Love Without Borders exists to bring light, hope, and healing to the suffering, regardless of location or the available resources. It is the heart of The Jacob’s Ladder Group's mission that no border becomes a barrier to HOPE and a path forward."

– Amy O’Dell, Founder & CEO, The Jacob’s Ladder Group

Your Donation Makes a Difference

When you support Love Without Borders, you help underserved families by providing:

  • Complimentary screenings to identify concerns about a child’s development and offer free resources that can help make a difference in the child’s life.
  • Remote evaluations to determine an individualized, therapeutic plan of care and path forward.
  • Free educational resources, including strategies, online courses, and instructional videos, that address communication, mobility, self-regulation, independence, and cognitive function challenges.
  • Real-time coaching and support services to monitor client progress and provide support strategies and tools through telehealth services.
  • Community schools in developing countries: Jacob’s Ladder can partner with non-profits and community leaders in underserved areas to establish a school where trained IWBMC™ providers can evaluate and carry out individualized programs for children and adults with neurobiological challenges.

Worldwide, support and care needs are staggering, but through Love Without Borders, you can make an immediate impact by changing the life of one child, family, or community in desperate need of hope and healing. Love Without Borders is fully funded through philanthropic support, so every gift is vital to our ability to reach those under-resourced and underserved in any part of the world.


A gift of $2,500 could provide a family with a screening, modified therapeutic plan, and access to telehealth services for their child or loved one for six months.

A gift of $5,000 could provide a family with a remote evaluation, an individualized program, and the training needed to implement the program for one year.

A gift of $10,000 could train two providers in the IWBMC™ methodology to support neurodiverse students in their existing classrooms.

A gift of $50,000 could establish a Jacob's Ladder School in a developing nation, where trained IWBMC™ providers could implement therapeutic plans for students with neurobiological challenges.

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