Complimentary Developmental Screening

Jacob’s Ladder offers complimentary Interpersonal Whole-Brain Model of Care® (IWBMC™) screenings to support families and caregivers. The screenings are categorized based on areas of concern, and the results provide a therapeutic means to interact with children with or without neurobiological challenges.

While these results and recommendations are not a solution to your loved one’s challenges, we endeavor to provide helpful resources, tools, and insight for any family or caregiver seeking help for their child or loved one.

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Our Model of Care

The Interpersonal Whole-Brain Model of Care® (IWBMC™) is built upon the scientific principle of neuroplasticity and delivers transformative, customized programs to clients by addressing the root causes of developmental delays, functional limitations, or emotional-behavioral-relational challenges.


AHAVA is our custom software platform, which houses the IWBMC™. It allows individuals to experience transformative results regardless of physical location. AHAVA powers the Complimentary Developmental Screening, which can be completed online by parents, guardians, or caregivers concerned about their loved one’s development.

AHAVA and the IWBMC™ do not claim to diagnose or treat any specific condition but provide tools, strategies, and support for those in need.

This unique screening provides families and professionals specific strategies and considerations to promote healthy development. These screenings are free and accessible, allowing potential challenges to be identified and addressed earlier in development, improving the individual’s outcomes.

Each screening includes 15-20 questions about development and daily functioning based on the primary focus areas for the concern category.

Participants receive access to online resources focusing on the individual’s primary challenge areas, providing insight and strategies to incorporate in the home. We encourage you to explore the resources and determine if the IWBMC™ is the right approach for you and your loved one.

Please note that implementing the IWBMC™ requires dedication and consistent implementation over a specified duration to create lasting change in the brain and transformative client outcomes. The Complimentary Screening is a tool to share more insight about our methodology and how we can support you. If you desire in-depth and highly individualized information, please contact us for a comprehensive evaluation.

Participants are encouraged to contact Jacob’s Ladder to learn more about our evaluation, training, and enrollment offerings. We invite you to complete a comprehensive IWBMC™ Evaluation to receive more extensive results and guidance to support your loved one.

The Interpersonal Whole-Brain Model of Care® (IWBMC™) is a trademarked educational and therapeutic assessment and intervention system approach for individuals with wide-ranging neurodevelopmental challenges from injury or birth. AHAVA is the accompanying software for the IWBMC™. The reflected tools and approaches have been developed based on retrospective cohort analysis and application of over 30 years of data from direct educational and clinical experience with more than 4,000 individuals. The IWBMC™ utilizes a whole-person, whole-brain neurobiological approach and is available to support individuals, families, healthcare providers, schools, and others in designing a sequenced and comprehensive plan to facilitate progressive development and healing for neurodevelopmental challenges or injuries. Evaluation metrics for progress are a critical component of this approach, with individualized goals to be established for cognitive, social, emotional, educational, and physical well-being. The content of this screening and report is for educational and informational purposes only. It IS IN NO WAY intended to be professional medical or clinical advice, a substitute for professional medical or clinical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, or to supplant or interfere in any way with advice, diagnosis, services, and treatment from other qualified healthcare providers. Always seek the advice of your physician or another qualified health provider with any questions you have regarding a medical or clinical condition. If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or 911 immediately. Reliance on or use of any information provided by the Interpersonal Whole-Brain Model of Care™, Jacob’s Ladder, or AHAVA is solely at your own risk. Use of any content constitutes the user’s acknowledgment, release, and waiver of liability for any claims, demands, actions, or causes of actions whatsoever arising out of or related to the use of such information against Jacob’s Ladder or any of its Board, officers, principals, employees, business affiliates, or volunteers.

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