Love Without Borders: A Ministry Program For Underserved and At-Risk-Communities

This Ministry Arm of Jacob’s Ladder, Love Without Borders, provides outreach to impoverished areas across the globe to assist with placing trained providers within communities of underserved areas, implementing intensive programs designed specifically for the individual’s neurodevelopmental needs. Love Without Borders utilizes the IWBMC™ and AHAVA digital platform to develop customized programs for individuals in marginalized areas. AHAVA allows constant access to data tracking to monitor progress and resources, like video trainings, to support the individuals, providers, and families within their home community.

Ways to get involved in Love Without Borders

The IWBMC™ Complimentary Screenings are designed to support families and caregivers. These tools provide a therapeutic means to interact with individuals with or without neurobiological challenges and can assist with identifying and acting on concerns about an individual’s development.
IWBMC™ educational courses are available to support families and caregivers by providing insight into various challenges, neurodevelopmental correlations, and recommended strategies. Courses are available for numerous diagnostic categories and address multiple challenges, including communication, mobility, self-regulation, independence, and cognitive functioning.
The IWBMC™ Comprehensive Screenings are low-cost and versatile tools designed to support families and caregivers. These tools provide a customized report, training resources, and access to implement interventions to support individuals with neurobiological challenges.
IWBMC™ Evaluations are available regardless of the individual’s location. Jacob’s Ladder facilitates comprehensive Evaluations through a series of virtual sessions to complete all components of the evaluation process, including the ability to complete remote qEEGs. Families walk away with a comprehensive understanding of the client’s unique strengths, neurodevelopmental barriers, physiological truths, proactive and reactive strategies, and an individualized program to begin employing at home or school immediately. After the evaluation, families can enroll in any of our various support offerings.

Jacob’s Ladder teammates are eager to support families and programs by completing coaching and support calls for a nominal fee. These calls range from thirty to sixty minutes and serve as a touchpoint to discuss challenges the individual is experiencing and to receive specific support strategies and tools.

Community of Care (CoC) caseload management support allows the Jacob’s Ladder team to supervise the implementation of the IWBMC anywhere in the world as the individual’s full- or part-time school. Jacob’s Ladder assists with identifying and training a designated provider and provides continued oversight for optimal implementation, reporting, and updating therapeutic programs to align with the client’s progress. Providers can obtain certification in the IWBMC™ and access the AHAVA software to complete the individual’s daily programming. Families receive continuous support, including ongoing training, programmatic updates, and annual re-evaluations. To support multiple individuals in a single location, Jacob’s Ladder provides insight into implementing the IWBMC with small groups of clients through our Community School Model.

The Community School model allows families to join the Jacob’s Ladder Network and serve small or large groups of clients outside of the Roswell, Georgia, area. Families and professionals can partner with us to become part of the Jacob’s Ladder Network, where we offer the Whole-Brain Learning Management System (WBLMS). The WBLMS provides all the information needed to start a school that mirrors the Jacob’s Ladder framework, including staff training, evaluations, employee hiring practices, operational policies, and continuous support through Clinical and Operational Coaching.

The School Support Model enables existing schools to offer the Interpersonal Whole-Brain Model of Care in their programs by training staff in the global therapeutic model and evaluating individual or whole classrooms of clients. Jacob’s Ladder facilitates numerous staff-wide trainings and provides remote support for individual clients or classrooms, increasing success in the classroom specifically focused on self-regulation, academic performance, and long-term learning abilities. Learn more about joining the Jacob’s Ladder Network to employ the IWBMC in your current program.

Individuals and programs who wish to engage with the unique offerings of Jacob’s Ladder and AHAVA but are limited in financial resources are encouraged to apply for a scholarship. Jacob’s Ladder will review the application and contact you for more information about the services you desire to participate in.

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