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Kermit the Cat: How a Rescue Cat Became Our Ambassador for Love & Acceptance

Kermit the Cat, a chubby, older feline with a talkative personality, had a tough start in life. He found himself in a small holding cage at an animal shelter, constantly meowing for attention. Despite his age and condition, he caught the attention of Jacob’s Ladder’s animal team as we searched for an agile, young campus cat to help with a campus critter problem. Kermit, a testament to resilience, wasn’t exactly what we were looking for, but after spending time with him, we knew that love had won and that Kermit was the one.

When Kermit arrived at his new home on the Jacob’s Ladder campus, he was afraid and unsure of his surroundings. He needed a lot of validation to feel secure and safe. However, Kermit began to acclimate over time and enjoyed visits with different clients. He was patient and tolerant of clients with various needs, almost as if he could sense what was needed at each moment.

As Kermit’s presence enriched the Jacob’s Ladder campus, he became a pillar of our community. Clients eagerly completed their tasks to earn time with Kermit. Even those who had shied away from reading aloud in front of their peers and teachers found the courage to practice their skills with Kermit, who offered only unwavering support and love.

Kermit is no ordinary cat. He has an extraordinary ability to unite people and make everyone feel valued, loved, and significant—regardless of their background. He is a driving force for fostering empathy and unconditional positive regard on the Jacob’s Ladder campus. We hope this small glimpse into the power of love from a rescued cat touches your heart and many others – wherever you may be.

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