Grounded in Science.
Guided by Love.

A one-of-a-kind global educational and therapeutic model for the neurodiverse community.

Solutions for Families

Get help regardless of your circumstances. Learn more about the solutions we can offer your loved one – from 1:1 to group programs – on campus and remotely.

Solutions for Professionals

Experience training on our patent-pending model and how you can facilitate our integrated care solutions for diverse needs and populations.


A better outcome is possible.

If someone in your family has recently been diagnosed with developmental delay, autism, brain injury, or an emotional-behavioral-relational disorder, we are here to help.

Perhaps your family has been on this journey for quite some time with little change when you know more is possible.

Or, like so many who come to Jacob’s Ladder, you do not have a diagnosis but know there is an issue and you need help.

Through a deeply rooted, person-centered approach that harnesses the latest in neuroscience, coupled with intensive and loving interpersonal instruction, Jacob’s Ladder clients are experiencing outcomes never thought possible.

No matter your location, we would be honored to walk alongside you and your family as you pursue a clearer, better, targeted path toward Hope and Healing.

At Jacob’s Ladder, we believe in the possibility and potential of every person. We believe that growth and change are possible in the mind, body, and spirit of every person we serve, and we pursue this without exception for everyone in need.


It’s a person-centered, whole-brain approach.

The Jacob’s Ladder Group serves all individuals with neurobiological challenges. Our one-of-a-kind, Interpersonal Whole-Brain Model of Care® (IWBMC™) builds customized programming for each client’s unique needs and is facilitated through intensive and loving interpersonal therapeutic environments.

qEEG brain mapping analysis

1,000+ assessment metrics and 4,000+ corresponding activities

Plans include physiological wellness, learning style, and emotional-behavioral-relational support

Integrated plans across all caregivers and settings

Safe social environments + strong interpersonal connections


What families say about Jacob’s Ladder

How to get
started with us

Schedule an introductory call.

Complete an evaluation, in-person or remotely.

We will create a customized plan of care for your loved one, facilitated:

  • On our campus
  • In partnership with your loved one's current education or therapeutic provider
  • Through our Caregiver Training opportunities


Resources for Professionals

The global need for specialized and accessible person-centered care is staggering. Holistic, individualized care and adequate assessment tools are limited, leading to delayed screening and diagnosis. The neurodiverse population, families, and our communities face skyrocketing care costs as incidence rates increase year after year. Learn more about our groundbreaking educational and therapeutic model – we equip families, professionals, and outside organizations with the solutions necessary to change the conversation from the impossible to the possible.

Our Methodology

The Interpersonal Whole-Brain Model of Care® (IWBMC™) is built upon the science of neuroplasticity and expands traditional understanding of the brain’s capacity to heal and grow, regardless of age, diagnosis, or current level of functioning.

Training & Implementation

Get trained in the IWBMC™ – on our campus or remotely. Families, professionals, and organizations can learn the model, how to implement it, or how to integrate it within pre-established settings. Certification in the IWBMC™ is available through NCBC.

Our Comprehensive Care Solution

Through our first-of-its-kind integrated care solution – AHAVA – trained professionals have a comprehensive software platform to evaluate clients, design individualized programs, and implement therapeutic strategies.

“The truly unique and comprehensive approach provided by the team at Jacob’s Ladder has impressed me deeply as a clinician. The vast array of interventions, supplemented and validated by the use of neurofeedback, also known as EEG biofeedback, is remarkable. The extraordinary breakthroughs seen by clients of different ages and diagnoses are nothing short of miraculous.”

— Dr. Lucas Koberda, M.D., Ph.D., Koberda Neurology


We offer families, communities, and professionals a whole-person, whole-brain method that changes lives.


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